The change, variety and complexity that humans face whenever they want or need to interact with digital information have inhumane proportions.

The number of provider, search engines, interests and stream platforms is overwhelming. The hidden agenda behind many systems of data or currency collection fosters distrust and the spawon of solutions with more idealistic intentions and more humane understanding.

However the frequency of digital streams and their impact on global computation workload is too high and this has specific reasons.

Neither interfaces (browser, keyboards, Operating Systems) allow an inclusive access to digital data nor our educated understanding can provide a sane strategy to engage in the digital world. The dangers and the required understanding about privacy and misuse are equally large and difficult to manage.

We need systems that adapt to the global computation workload and provide backup systems to secure medical and emergency availability.

We must foster a global self-awareness of culture. We propose to optimize cultural origination from a clear and well defined basis – neither economic nor technological but humane. For this we want to push the literal internet concept.

We must advance understanding about consequences that technological languages outrange natural language in its specificity and binary computability. Code can be executed trillion times as fast as a human can communicate ‘hello’. Human language and mind are too complex to be reduced to binary data. This enables humans to neglect the realization, that behind every ID number, every human caused IP-address and every not registered being on earth is a life just as complex and important as your own. To take that into account for every conscious being requires to change our perspective, learn about complex relationships and allow new things to take place.

We want to reconfigure the zero in between all current human complex systems as well as in digital infrastructure. The value and voice of life must never be rendered to a zero, not in the digital domain, nor in the physical world. We call this to realize a gauge of human natural language: The variety and individuality of language must never be damaged. But the current translation of human voice (their intention, language, need) to the digital domain is a disaster. Only a can manage and understand the complexity of our world. And they know enough about the possible damage anyone can do if they start a radical new approach. This is why we want to gather all minds capable to put neutrality over their own interests, in order to build the basis of a new and aware culture.

A culture that welcomes every living being as important and beautiful. Every life that is staying alive has earned their entry in human history books. We must realize that our books have to evolve just as much as our personal understanding. To embrace the variety of life we must unite on very few principles which we must never put in absolute words of our current languages. We don’t know how the future system will look like. We know it will have to manage what seems impossible to manage right now. But because we know all of this – we can anticipate it and start to find workarounds. We can work on something which we don’t know. Humans call this research and dreaming. And the future culture will have realized that there is no barrier between the two if we learn and maintain awareness in all our actions and foster a cultural self-image and realization that allows for everyone to find their place on earth. A future earth will know that place and resources are not the issue. The issue is too complex systems and too many solutions to the same problem.

We are a one-being-army. We try what apparently noone else tried to do with the domain culture.stream : we want it to become the stream of our future culture, a culture that cares more about us – about you – about earth then we can imagine right now. Will it work? You don’t know – Yet. We don’t know Yet. Is one being on earth entirely convinced that it can work and takes over and hope that you lack to make it happen? Yes. And if just a few smart beings are smart enough to try hard at the very neutral of all attempts, it can literally not fail. Why it has not worked yet? This was written 22:22 at March 23 in the year 2020. How many attempts to achieve and describe this type of attempt in your life so far?

We promise to you: Zero. Because a zero.build has never been attempted nor idealized. Do we think we are smart? No, we think we’ve just felt and seen enough horrible things to finally do what noone else dared to do before. And what do we mean by that? Not everybody has to try ‘hard’. Not everybody has to relearn everything. Those who want to do less, can do so if they do it together. Those who want to do more can do so, if they do it together. IF humans do something together, each single one of them has to do almost nothing at all. Because if human culture does one thing – every human has just to do less then a 7 billionth of a thing. Even less then trying halfhearted and giving up before that. They only have to allow those who want to act and who want to try hard to do so. And those who want to try hard have to allow those who don’t want to do anything to do nothing – and enable them to that so it feels even better for them. And how else could this happen, then making the waiting ones part of that, what has been inconceivable until 2020?

We try to be something, not just human, not just digital, not just a dream. We have a human as basis, Yes. That makes us prone to a trillion preconceptions. This is why this is based on the neutral human – as they own the domain neutral.id and promote ‘their’ idea of a literal internet. Not to profit, but to do and be whatever you need to see so you can do less or do more to save the world.

We want to keep #WeVsVirus #WeVsVirusHack #WeVsVirusHackatchon as permanent ping of a new awareness about the digital information scape and the potential within if it is connected and performed in healthy and conscious ways. We propose metahackathon.com and ask for any system that serves this function so we can link to it (data@xd.lol).