Humanity is in great unrest and it was overdue. Just now the leading individuals of economic politics realize the scope and depth of digital association.

With aware digitization and an already running uncontrolled globalization there is only one option identifiable as best: The decision that has the

  • highest urgency achievable in responsible Public communication
  • lowest danger to pose misconception, fear or automated counter measures
  • optimal alignment between ethics and logics that consistently guides and supports human decision making

By April 2020 we do not see such strategy being executed. The reasons are clear: there is no consistent polyparametric language accessible to humans that allows conscious complexity reduction. LMR logic provides a framework for organic logic that cannot render zero for living beings but will always only point to NAN in case life is at risk.

There is a magnitude of arrays around implementation of this. We hope to gain some support expanding our explanatory capacity and educational relevance.